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Sad love status in English

sad love status

Never find him the most beautiful on earth,
Look for the one that makes your world so beautiful.

I have become so much lost in your love,
dear Wherever I go, I have started getting you in front only,
The situation is that you are visible in every face Oh God,
now I have started forgetting myself too.

The day when thousands of notifications just find one face,
You understand that may have started to love me.

People are really weird that
Ignoring him and running after him,
And neglects those who give importance.

Not all love gets fullness
Some love remains in the book, an unpublished story throughout my life.

The bad times in life come with a good education.
Good people are a lot like candles,
It burns itself to keep others good.

Only the misery in life is eternal and everything else is temporary.
It is more than surprising if trouble comes to a close person,
Time and again, this is just how this man got it.

There is no stopping, only the memories are stored
And the memories that accumulate make it more difficult.

All walks of life are never closed together,
It is real if one is closed and one is open.

Because of which I lost sleep,
She’s busy dreaming about someone else today.
There are some questions in life
Finding the answer,  run out of life.

You are like tea
If you don’t get a single time
I start happening.You see the year changing,
I have seen people change this year.

Now there is no place in any corner of my heart,
That we have put picture-a-man on all sides.

sad love status

I forget everything except you
What happened to me,Did the world realize this
Has given the name of Love.

Who started crying away from you
I am going to hide the tears flowing.

What should I say that touches your heart,
With whom should I pray that you become mine?
You don’t have to get your wish
What should I do so that this vow will be fulfilled?

sad love status

It’s as easy as criticizing someone
Standing in his place is just as difficult as understanding his situation.

I’ve saved a lot of real experience, Not Money.
Both have changed, You wish and I obey.

Love or friendship password is the only trust.
I got something and lost something,
But today I am just silent about this,
Someday I really got what I was missing.

Make loved ones in need
But do not make anyone dear to your own needs.

Not thinking of what happened in the past,
Thinking about what the future will be like if you do.

The body lives in-breath and the mind lives in faith.

The most difficult moment is both online
But can not massage anybody if want to.

To have the best time of life
You have to be a little patient.

Sad love status for boys

sad love status for boys

Relationships can end it but memories?
Memories can never be deleted.

My love will be worth it that day
The day a loved one will say a tearful tear
I just love you.

Love is not Rose
Love is not without desire
It is a filing that happens unknowingly.

When someone else is hurt, he can say something
But if someone is hurt too close, he has nothing to say
You just have to endure it silently.

Life needs to be pushed
Without pushing, life cannot be hard.

sad love status
sad love status

The compromise in life was one
I couldn’t be in anyone’s mind.

Some people are like that
Be good and take away the good.

It’s so easy to leave someone dreaming,
But at the same time, it is most difficult to fulfill one’s dream.

Anger and a storm are the same things,
After stopping, you know what the damage was.

Death and love come without knowing,
Take one mind to another life.

Think carefully before you take every step of life,Otherwise,
you might have to step back.

Stupid people can never be loved by anyone,
And loved ones are just what everyone needs.

Thousands of happy memories cannot erase a hardship,
But one hardship can erase thousands of happy memories
This is true of life.

There will be obstacles in the way,
And if you do not think of that obstacle, you will succeed.
The mind can never forget the people,
Whom he loves.

Who does not understand the language of your silence,
He would not understand if you shouted at him with a sore throat.

One who accepts himself only for your happiness,
You will never win him.
Wherever there is hope in life,
But not all expectations are fulfilled.

Friends are many,
But the real friend is unevenly known.

Selfish people know it well
When to use people
And when do people have to ignore it?

If for some reason some sort of dream is broken in people’s hearts
However, his body does not die but his mind dies.

People get hurt as long as they get hit in the body
He gets hurt a lot more than he does.

sad love status

The hardships in life are part of life
And adapting to these is the Art of Life.

Everyone understands the price but after getting lost
Then there is nothing else to regret.

The first quarrel then stop talking for two days
Then the two men forget all about the missed values
This is the love of being together again.

The business thing is weird
People believe in everything they receive
Everything he loses to believe in it.

Time never forgets the sad sufferings
Time teaches people to cope with suffering.

There will be a lot of storytelling to stand by
But in times of danger, very few people will get it
Those who say whether there is any or not, I am with you.

There is an ending to the story
But in life, every ending means a new beginning.

Suddenly, your loved ones feel pained to miss from afar and there is nothing.
One day maybe everything will be fine
This is how the lives of many people are suffering.

Once and for all you thought you were about to change your hands
One day the man may have changed himself too much to hold your hand.

Sad love status for girls

sad love status for girls

Clothes or relationships
If you get old, it leads to neglect.

People can remember many things if they wish
But not everything can be forgotten.

Not just love to get close
Not just love for the good
Love is to keep a happy person who loves his own happiness.

Don’t lose what you’ve got
Don’t want to get what you lost, you never get what you didn’t get.
It’s not just loved walking around with your hands or sitting together.

Missing and loving two people from far away
That really works out in a different way.

It means to love someone deeply,
Give the man the power to destroy you.

And also to believe that together,
That man might never do that.

Tears do not come for everyone,
Whoever comes for he doesn’t understand.

If a man could control his mind,
Then there would be nothing in the world called hardship.

The sun in the sky, the sun will smile
Whatever the problem, the solution will come.

sad love status

Phone in kids hands
And misleading people’s minds
The game will start playing.

Time, friendship, relationships are the three things we get for free
We understand their true value when they are lost in life.

Want to get love but respect love
And respect those who love you.

The man who is crying for you today
Such a day will come
The day you think of that man, you will cry.

After a relationship is over, the two move on
One starts life by forgetting everything
And as a burden, those memories hold up.

sad status

It is easy to break down but difficult to build
And the trouble is just that

When something tilted is broken, it is broken down and crushed.
False lies are dear to everyone
Only people who speak the truth on the face are unpleasant.

The real friend is not the one to talk to
Friends are the ones with whom to share all things openly.

Those who cannot hurt others suffer a lot by themselves.
Forget the one who hurt you
But what you learned from that injury
Never forget that.

The love of the big man is revealed in the precious gifts
And the love of the poor is revealed in tears.

Sometimes some people have to lose themselves in order to win
But in the midst of that loss, the real victory is hidden.

The more you can lie in life, more people will love.

Today I reversed the memory
How many people are lost in life
How many people have gone unnoticed.

It’s so easy to love someone
But it is difficult to create a little love for yourself in someone else’s mind.

One day I’ll go far
And I will not be the cause of anyone’s annoyance.

Sad love status images

sad love status images
sad love status images

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Sad love status: 100+ Great Quotes, Images for Whatsapp…

Get Whatsapp sad love status, also in English…for boys…for girls and many more sad status images.

Author: Spatra

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Sad love status: 100+ Great Quotes, Images for Whatsapp...

Get Whatsapp sad love status, also in English...for boys...for girls and many more sad status images.

Author: Spatra

Book Editions:

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